Father’s Day last Year

On Sunday, the 2nd of September 2012, Peter and I had a lovely day with our youngest daughter. This was Fathers Day here in Australia!

We took a walk to this lovely lake site.

Last Tuesday, 17th September 2013,  we took a walk to this part of the lake. It rained a little bit. We mentioned to Martin, our son, who was with us, that we had been here last year on Father’s Day with daughter Caroline.  On that day last year there had been glorious sunshine as can be seen on these pictures from last year.

Martin found out later, that this spot  was actually on one of the two arms of Mullet Creek which both go into Lake Illawarra.

Peter took this picture of Caroline and me on Father’s Day in 2012

Along this footpath we walked back to where the car was parked
At Forest Grove we were being served beautifully brewed tea which was being kept hot with tea-lights.

                                                                                                         Peter on Father’s Day 2012

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day last Year

  1. Always enjoy your storys and pictures Auntyuta, I am well and truely late catching up on blogs due to wordpress problems, at the moment they seem to have been sorted out.
    Wishing you both well.

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