Bass Point Reserve


Today, Sunday 29th of September, we had again perfect spring weather: Sunny, in the low twenties, no wind.

Too beautiful to stay home all day. I said to Peter let’s go somewhere where we can enjoy this beautiful sunny day!

So we ended up driving to Bass Point Reserve. But first we stopped at Shellharbour Village near the swimming pool where we bought some lovely ice-cream and took some photos.


We were extremely lucky to find a parking spot right in front of this place. It is unbelievable how many people had come today to this beautiful spot by the sea. Today is the Sunday before the long weekend, which people always love for a bit of a break. The school-kids are on holidays already. Lots of families go with them on some holiday outings. It is vacation time and lots of holiday places are booked out at this time of the year. Next weekend the crowds may be even larger with people having a long weekend, meaning they don’t have to go to work on Monday. I hope the kids are going to have as fine a weather as today for the rest of their holidays.


The Outdoor Shellharbour Swimming Pool
The Outdoor Shellharbour Swimming Pool
Peter takes a picture
Peter takes a picture




We finished our ice-creams and then we headed towards Bass Point Reserve.

We parked here.
We parked here.
This path was near where we had parked.
This path was near where we had parked.







This may be the spot where the ship had been sitting on the rocks. All American seaman were rescued, but some Australian rescuers lost their lives in this terrible night in 1941.
This may be the spot where the ship had been sitting on the rocks. All American seaman were rescued, but some Australian rescuers lost their lives in this terrible night in 1941.

RIMG0480 (2)


We found this sign a bit further on where we could park our car again.
We found this sign a bit further on where we could park our car again.

From there we followed the signs hoping we’d end up at that little beach as indicated on one of the boards.


RIMG0483 (2)


This sign was near the rocks. However this little beach must have been somewhere else. We decided we’d look for it another day. We had been out for nearly three hours and felt like heading back home for coffee and cake.


Many years ago we visited Bass Point Reserve quite often. It was great that today we could refresh our memory a bit. However we still aren’t quite sure which path leads to that little beach. I hope we can soon go back there. I really do want to see this little beach again!

8 thoughts on “Bass Point Reserve

  1. Wünsche dir liebe Ute einen schönen Sonntag schöne Bilder,es ist schön wenn man alles noch in Erinnerung hat uns es aufschreiben kann ja jetzt kommt bei uns der Winder und ihr bekommt Frühling ist doch was gerecht auf dieser Welt.Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag genieße hin.Grüße dich von Herzen und wünsche einen guten Wochenstart für dich.Gruß Gislinde

    1. Ich hoffe, du hast auch einen schönen Sonntag, liebe Gislinde. Ihr werdet ja sicher noch sehr an euren Urlaub auf Korfu zurückdenken. Ja, bei euch wird es sicher bald kühler werden. Wir freuen uns z.Z.
      über das schöne Frühlingswetter hier. In Australien haben wir immer genau das Gegenteil von der Jahreszeit die ihr gerade habt. Insgesamt haben wir hier aber wohl etwas mehr Sonnentage als ihr habt.
      Hab eine recht gute Woche! Liebe Grüsse, Uta.

  2. What an interesting day. I found it fascinating that all the men lost were from California. The reserve looks like another beautiful spot. I like your comment that it was just too beautiful a day to stay home! I love days like that! 🙂

    1. Hi, Debra,
      the 62 American crew were actually all saved. However four Australian soldiers drowned during the rescue operation on the 16th May 1943.
      There was a remembrance service on May 21, 1989. Four men from California attended this service on behalf of the crew who was saved.
      It doesn’t say whether all the crew was from California. I guess the four men from California may have been part of the crew. When I took this picture of the plaque where these four Californian men are mentioned by name. I actually did think of you and thought the history of this shipwreck disaster might interest you. Thanks for coming over and reading about it.

  3. Liebe Ute wünsche dir einen wunderschönen ersten Oktober,die Zeit sie rast nur so ich hoffe es geht dir gut mit deiner Hand.Grüße dich lieb und wünsche dir einen schönen Tag Gislinde

    1. Ja. liebe Gislinde, nun haben wir schon Oktober. Vor einem Jahr waren wir in Deutschland. Kaum zu glauben, dass dies schon wieder ein Jahr her ist. An meiner Hand soll im November operiert werden. Ich hoffe sehr, dass die Operation erfolgreich sein wird. Hab noch einen schönen Tag. Gruss, Uta.

    1. When we first came to this area in the 1960s people were still talking about this shipwreck Tragedy at Bass Point which happened on May 16th, 1943.

      When I photographed the write up about the Shipwreck Tragedy I thought straight away that you, Ian, would probably be interested in reading this. Luckily the picture came out all right so that you can read the text.
      It must have been a huge storm that forced the American Tanker to go full steam ahead towards Bass Point where it ran aground on the rocks. But this was probably better than breaking up in deep water in the open sea.

      The tankers 62 crewmen were all saved during this daring rescue in wild weather. A huge wave swept 10 soldiers and seamen into the surging waters, it says. This is when the four soldiers lost their lives.

      Peter is interested too to find out more about these four AIF soldiers.
      He is making some inquiries now.

      I am going to let you know, Ian, when he finds out something.


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