In Answer to Geraldine’s Question

Hi Geraldine, to your question about writing I can only say that I am not a very qualified writer but I love writing. If I talk to people on the phone for instance I tend to forget important messages in the conversation whereas when I communicate by email I can always look up what has been said and remember it better. I think I write my blogs on the whole similar to how I would write an email or a letter. I feel there is always something to tell about my life, what I have experienced, what I have been reading, the movies I have seen and so on.

It depends of course who you want to communicate with. What you write about your life, you can also call it a diary or a journal. You write it either just for yourself in order to remember later on what happened in your life at a certain time. But of course you can also address people you know and who are interested in what is going on in your life. By showing you are interested in their life they might give you some feedback and to this you can answer again. And so it goes on. I find it is never boring because you try to concentrate on the things that may be of some interest to some people. If you take photos they can often be a starting point to a conversation or make you think about something of interest.
Do not worry about how you start your writing. Just write down what’s on you mind without analysing it. This is a first draft. You can always change it into a second draft, which may look quite different from the first draft. It is fun to spend some time with improving what you have written. Sometimes it may be better to leave it as it is even if it isn’t perfect writing. As long as you honestly tell something about your life, your feelings and your thoughts as well as about your observations.
Have fun writing! Wishing you a great start. Hope I have been a bit helpful. I guess you are probably a young person whereas I am pretty old: nearing 80 actually!
Best Wishes, Uta (I live near Sydney, Australia)
I tried to send this to Geraldine as an email, however without success. I don’t know what went wrong with the email address.

16 thoughts on “In Answer to Geraldine’s Question

  1. Good, sensible advice Uta – just write! And then read what you have written – sometimes when I re-read what I wrote two days ago, it’s gobbledygook! But then I can work on it Whoever you are, Geraldine – good luck, and don’t stop scribbling!

    1. Thanks for reading this, Catterel, and sending a comment straight away!
      Gobbledygook – I love this expression. You are right, even if it seems to be ‘gobbledygook’ sometimes we can then work on it! 🙂

  2. That is a very inspiring advice. Writing is a passion and once our heart is in it, the words simply flows beautifully such as the ones in every post you make. My friend, Wishing you a 2014 full of writings that lights our world. God bless…

  3. A great piece of writing advice for Geraldine Auntyuta.
    I reread it through, and it has given me some inspiration into my own blogs, sometimes we tend to try too hard.
    Ian aka Emu

  4. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:

    This is something I wrote quite a few years ago. It was interesting for me to read it again. I reblog it in the hope it might be of some renewed interest!

  5. Great advice, Uta! Writing is good for the heart, soul, mind and body! Good therapy!
    And I think whatever we write and share will help someone…there is an “audience” for every writer, no matter how they write or what they share. 🙂

  6. Of course, Carolyn, it is very obvious that he would miss her immensely. It may take him quite some time till he gets a bit more used to it that he is on his own now.
    To be honest I am rather scared of the thought that Peter could perhaps die before me, because I depend on so many things for his help!
    A lot of Australia is on fire right now. It is going to be a tough summer for all of us with extreme drought, high temperatures and disastrous winds. But so far our area, where we live, has been all right.
    Today the forecast for our town is 30C and air pollution because of smoke from bushfires further away.
    There are lots of places in Australia where the temperature today is going to be close to or above 40C!
    Hugs, Uta 🙂

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