In Answer to Geraldine’s Question

This is something I wrote quite a few years ago. It was interesting for me to read it again. I reblog it in the hope it might be of some renewed interest!


Hi Geraldine, to your question about writing I can only say that I am not a very qualified writer but I love writing. If I talk to people on the phone for instance I tend to forget important messages in the conversation whereas when I communicate by email I can always look up what has been said and remember it better. I think I write my blogs on the whole similar to how I would write an email or a letter. I feel there is always something to tell about my life, what I have experienced, what I have been reading, the movies I have seen and so on.

It depends of course who you want to communicate with. What you write about your life, you can also call it a diary or a journal. You write it either just for yourself in order to remember later on what happened…

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