At Sydney Airport November 1994

We moved into our new home in September 1994. A few weeks later we had a burglary. I was so upset I wanted to cancel our planned trip to Berlin. A very understanding doctor managed to calm me down with some hypnosis treatment. So in November we went as planned to Sydney Airport for our departure which led us first of all to another stop over at Singapore.

The following pictures show that our family came to the airport to farewell us. I find these pictures very interesting for our family. They show our grandchildren what they looked like nearly twenty years ago!






I noticed that all four of our children and all six of our grandchildren that we had at the time, are to be seen in the photos! Also Gaby’s carer David and our daughter-in-law.

6 thoughts on “At Sydney Airport November 1994

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. To me it is interesting to reflect on it what our family was like nearly twenty years ago. Our youngest daughter, Caroline, was going on sixteen at the time. She was the lucky one who could travel with us to Singapore and then on to Berlin.
      I just noticed, she isn’t in any of the photos that were taken at the airport! She was probably the photographer.

  1. Definitely an unerving experience Auntyuta, you are a survivor and adjusted well to a harrowing experience.
    You have great pics to cherish over the years, just looking back and comparing their growth.

    1. Thanks, Ian, for commenting. I can only say, we love to be in Australia. By November 1994 we had already been in Australia for well over 35 years. All our children speak ‘Australian’, no worries. I think they all grew up to be fair dinkum Aussies. Some even managed to become bi-lingual which I reckon is an asset.
      When I go visiting in Germany I definitely feel to be an Australian with a German background. I do not regard myself to be a local in Germany.
      Germany has changed quite a lot since we left it in 1959. But I think Australia too has changed a lot over the years. We were poor when we arrived in Australia. The first few years in Australia we lived on Peter’s minimum wage. Still, life was somehow simple. We had no worries. When our four year old daughter caught polio, well, this was a struggle, of course. But we did not struggle financially because of the daughter’s sickness. All medical expense and ongoing care was covered by the hospital fund. (HCF)
      From the time Peter worked as ASM for the railways we considered ourselves financially quite well off. Peter did for most of his working life some kind of shift work, which was not so good for our social life. The good thing was as a railwayman Peter was entitled to a long service leave every few years which enabled us to go on extended holidays.
      We loved our holidays! 🙂

    1. Hi Robert, before we moved to Dapto we lived in Oak Flats, where we had two burglaries during the 1980s while on holidays.
      This burglary in Dapto in October 1994 was the last one we had for another 19 years. The day after my operation in November 2013, while we were out for a quick lunch, we had another burglary which I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts. Luckily we were insured.
      It seems like that after a break in burglaries for 19 years another generation of burglars has grown up.

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