Reforming France?

11 Dec

Thirty-six year old Economics Minister Emmanuel Macron has been tasked by French President Hollande with reforming the country. But it won’t be easy. Socialists view him with suspicion and the party’s left wing is already preparing for battle.

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The minister for economics, industry and information technology unfurled his far-reaching vision for a reinvigorated France. He spoke of the common welfare, which needed to once again take precedence over individual interests. And he underscored his exposition with a quote from the Socialist reformer Jean Jaurès from the year 1887.

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One Response to “Reforming France?”

  1. stuartbramhall December 12, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    I, too, am highly suspicious of politicians who promise to improve peoples’ economic situation by privatizing the publicly owned industries they rely on for their basic survival needs.

    The experience of privatization in both Britain and New Zealand is that it absolutely guarantees that rich people will get richer and poor people poorer. There’s no profit in providing water, electricity, phone service, transportation and other essential services to poor people without the ability to pay for them. So they gradually lose access to important services that help them fulfill their full potential as human beings.

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