A Friday in December 2013

12 Dec

This was the last Friday before Christmas where I could play Scrabble with my friends. Early in the morning I had gone for a walk in Lakelands Park. Again I took quite a few pictures. I can’t help myself, when I have the camera with me, I usually start taking some pictures and then it just goes on and on.



Ready to play Scrabble

Ready to play Scrabble

We deserve a coffee break.

We  had a coffee break.

Today is again the last Friday before Christmas where we can meet to play our games. We actually do not play only Scrabble, we do also play a few games of Rummy.

Next Friday is going to be the 19th of December. On that day we are going to have a Body Corporate meeting in Wollongong. The following day, on the 20th, we are going to have a Christmas Party for the residents and some previous residents. And for Sunday, the 21st, Peter and I are being invited to a Christmas Luncheon in Sydney.

Christmas Eve we are going to have the family at our place as is traditional for us. Early the following morning on Christmas Day Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I are going to travel to Melbourne in a rented car.

Ah, and I forgot, this coming Sunday, which is the third Sunday of Advent, we are also going to be in Sydney to belatedly celebrate Caroline’s birthday. Last Sunday we went to see Monika for her birthday.

One Response to “A Friday in December 2013”

  1. berlioz1935 December 12, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    You are leading a busy life AuntyUta. It is hard to keep up with you. 🙂

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