I wrote this on the 28th of April 2012

“Last Thursday we saw Gaby in Merrylands. She waited for us near Merrylands Station. Honey, her dog, was with her. Honey had been bitten by a big dog a bit over a week ago. She had needed some stitches which cost Gaby a lot of money. On Thursday these stitches were due to come out. We didn’t have to go far from the station to the vet’s surgery. Honey had her stitches out in no time. She seems to be all right now.”

This is what I wrote a bit over three years ago. It brings back to mind, how this happened that Honey got bitten. This vicious dog who bit Honey belonged to a woman who was nasty to Gaby. I think she shouted at Gaby, something very unpleasant. As far as I know, she was about the only person who ever treated Gaby in a nasty way. Otherwise Gaby always experienced a lot of kindness from people she met. I seem to remember that Gaby thought that this woman was jealous because she noticed that Gaby was always treated in a very kind way by people.

A few weeks later, when we were walking along with Gaby  somewhere in Merrylands,  Gaby pointed out to us a woman and a man with a big dog. Gaby said that this was the dog that had bitten Honey. She also said that the police had cautioned these people that they should  take better control of their dog. Gaby had great expense paying for the treatment of Honey after she had been bitten so severely. However Gaby  thought it would be of no use asking these people for compensation. She did not want anything to do with them. I think that woman had once abused Gaby before this incident with Honey. Gaby was just glad that this woman kept her distance after that incident with Honey.


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