Do we have Special Needs in an Emergency?

Do we have special needs in an emergency? I wrote this in my diary on the 2nd of November in 2013. At the time large areas of New South Wales experienced very hot conditions and fast spreading fires. I wrote that Peter copied for us from the internet a plan for an emergency during a HEATWAVE. It said: “ABC Emergency delivers official warnings and alerts and publishes emergency coverage sourced form ABC Local Radio and ABC News.”

I copy all this again, for after the recent rains with everything growing very well and with very hot conditions forecast for this summer, maybe we should be prepared again for outbreaks of fires.

So here is the list of some of the things we should have prepared in our SURVIVAL KIT:

Torch (with spare batteries)
Strong shoes, gumboots, leather gloves and overalls
First aid kit and medications we need
A change of clothes, toiletry and sanitary supplies
Water in sealed containers – ten litres per person (for three days)
Three days supply of canned food (plus can opener and utensils)
Pillows and blankets (woollen and thermal)
Mobile phone and charger
Strong plastic bags (for clothing, valuables, documents, and photos)
Spare car and house keys

Several Emergency Services are mentioned that can be of help.

Here is what we should do before a HEATWAVE:

Stay hydrated – it’s recommended to drink two to three litres of water and to avoid alcohol and caffeine
Dress light

Check on family and friends – twice a day
Avoid exposure to the sun
Get your home ready – draw curtains, blinds, awnings at the start of the day to keep the sun out
Seek air-conditioning in a shopping centre, library or other public place. (We do not have air-conditioning)
Fans can also provide relief (We do have fans.)

During a HEATWAVE we should phone for assistance immediately if we show any symptoms of heat stress including extremely heavy sweating, headache and vomiting, confusion, swollen tongue

After a Heatwave we should be careful of falling tree limbs – they can be a hazard during periods of extended high temperatures.

6 thoughts on “Do we have Special Needs in an Emergency?

    1. Today,on my early morning walk, there was beautiful sunshine and no wind, Ian. It was not the kind of weather when you get the feeling some bush fires could break out soon. Still, it might not be very long before we have really hot, windy days again. It is always good to know, how best to survive a Heatwave, and what to do if it turns out to be necessary to leave. We are surrounded by a lot of trees. I love these trees very much. I certainly would not like to see them burning!

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