Lateline Program about Asylum Seekers, Mother Theresa, Interview with Paul Collins

I just watched the above program.

Here is a reference to an article in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, written by Michael Koziol:

SEPTEMBER 6 2016 – 1:23AM

Don’t use refugees as ‘human shield against people smuggling’, warns Paris Aristotle


My thoughts on this:

I think it is really time the public thought about the consequences of our politicians policies regarding our off shore detention centres.

5 thoughts on “Lateline Program about Asylum Seekers, Mother Theresa, Interview with Paul Collins

  1. I have always thought it appalling, not only the human rights abuse but the horrendous cost. And the pollies like to moan about us going to the doctor too many times, and straining the Medicare system. A bit of humanity goes a long way.

    1. Christine, I do ask myself, what are the priorities of government spending?

      Maybe you’d like to have a look at my blog from April this year where I contemplated a bit about wars. For instance I wrote the following:

      ” . . . . I wonder, how many people, alive today, have never been affected by war? Wars continue to be fought in a lot of countries and a lot of continents. The refugee crisis is now worse than ever. Is mankind going backwards? The few people, who are not affected by wars, do they not ever consider how wars affect the rest of humanity? For as long as some of us can live in peace, we do not care what is being done to the rest of humanity? How can we be so selfish? Has it just got to do with a survival wish? . . . . “

      1. Actually, I do not think humanity is going backwards – it just seems that way. There have always been wars as long as man has needed or coveted things someone else has – be it food, wealth, land, manpower, or other resources. The only difference now is that no one is insular and the media has war and violence in our faces all the time. Peace and Good Things are not newsworthy. We can care as much as we like about the rest of humanity, but there is nothing we can do to stop wars in other countries without being aggressive ourselves. A vicious cycle, Aunty Uta. If we are all kind and considerate, to the extent of our reach, then the world will be the better place for it. That’s my two bob’s worth!

    2. I like, what you’re saying there, Christine. It makes total sense to me. Indeed, every bit that you say rings very true to me. However, I still have great concern about the future. Maybe it is, that mankind is not yet able to cope in a rational way with the enormous advances in technology?

      1. I think these things go in generational cycles. Those who have a comfortable life will forget the hard-won rights earned by their forebears and so rights get eroded or taken away. Then, when want is bad enough, a deprived generation will want change. In a democratic country, this change is brought about in the ballot box. You know, I cried when Abbot’s first budget came out – I was stunned – when I thought what cutting the dole off for under 30s could do to families. All this talk of wasting taxpayer dollars. Once the GST came in, everyone is a taxpayer. The poor pay this tax regardless – there are no tax refunds. Trouble is, there are people in the world who do not have empathy as part of their mental makeup. Empathy cannot be acquired. You either have it, or don’t. Unfortunately, people without empathy are the ones who end up in charge because they do not care about the how in getting what they want. Gosh, Uta, I usually avoid talking about politics, but I’ve had a lot to say here! I’ll shut up now. 🙂

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