The Beach at Graal/Müritz

During the summer of 1940 we were on holidays at the Baltic Sea. We had rented a small cottage. Auntie Ilse was staying with Mum, little Bodo and me most of the time. Our maid Gertrud was with us too. Dad worked during the week in Berlin and came to Graal only on weekends.

Two year old Bodo must have already been quite a walker. I remember that Dad took us for walks in the nearby forest where we would be looking for blueberries. These berries were quite delicious. We would eat them for supper with some sugar and milk.

The beach was not far from our cottage. We went there every day. A photographer had a shop close by. During the day he often took pictures of people on the beach. The following day he displayed the pictures in front of his shop ready for sale. I think people did not order to have their pictures taken. They bought them only if they happened to like them.

In my files I have two of these pictures. They are more than seventy years old now. I was reminded of these pictures when we went to an Australian beach the other day. In one of these old pictures you can see my father with my mother and Auntie Ilse. The women sit in their ‘Strandkorb’. These ‘Strandkörbe’ are very popular on all German beaches. They are popular still to this day. They are a good wind shelter. I think people usually place them in such a way that they can catch the sun. Mum and Auntie Ilse were always proud of their suntan.

Ute mit Bodo Graal Mueritz Sommer 1940

The other photo shows me with Bodo,  my little brother.

11 thoughts on “The Beach at Graal/Müritz

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, dear Munira. I’m glad you liked the post. Last year in Germany at the beach of Warnemünde we saw lots of Strandkorbs. They still look exactly the same, only they’re made of plastic these days.

  1. Wow, Auntue Uta! These photos are great finds! I hope you’ll find a way to have them blown up bigger and then framed to be hung on a wall. They would make for very interesting conversation.

    1. Yes, why not? Only in our house it would be difficult to find any spare wall space. Most of our wall space is taken up by books or windows!
      And there are probably a few more photos to be published which have accumated in our place and go back to the early 19hundreds!
      Old photos play a great part in remembering people, places and events!

      1. You should consider publishing the photos, Aunty Uta! They’d make for a lovely chronicling of that particular time!

  2. Really interesting photos. It’s nice to see what life had been like decades ago. How world has changed! And you look so cute in the photo :)Thanks for sharing those rare pictures.

    1. It’s hard to imagine that it goes back more than 70 years! Also that there was a war going on at the time. However these holidays at the Baltic Sea are some very good childhood memories. I guess they were special in lots of ways. This is why they still stick to my memory. Of course it helps to have some photos of this time. I’m glad you liked to read about it.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

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