Diary: A few Days away from Home in April 2019

Last week we went on a trip to Benalla in Victoria. This morning I finally uploaded the photos from this trip. So we had left eight days ago and came back three days ago on Wednesday. Well, was it only three days ago that we returned? It seems so much longer already! When we arrived home on Wednesday afternoon both Peter and I were extremely exhausted. We both felt like we needed a long, long rest. I think, we slept in on Thursday, meaning we got up just before eight o’clock. Then we straight away found out that the  date for the Federal Election had been called. While having breakfast, we listened to the News for a while. Unpacking our ‘stuff’ took a while as well as doing some washing and cleaning. Monika came for a brief visit with her little grandson Carter. Next week she wants to come on Tuesday after work. Then she wants to arrange for someone to come and see us for an assessment about what sort of home help as well as transport we oldies might be needing soon.

On Fridays I usually have been going to Marta’s slow movement exercise class. I wrote about it here:


I mentioned in that post, that twenty people were enrolled in that class in 2011. Amazingly, apart from me, there are three more people still enrolled in that class from that long ago! They had joined that class even a few years before me, and they are still there! The amazing thing is, all three of them are 97 now. Imagine this, they still keep coming . . . . ! So last Thursday they were there again. There were four other people as well. Without the three 97 year olds, we would have been only five participants. Too many people dropped out over the years. We have a lot of trouble finding new people for our class. I am surprised that it is still going at all . . . . Marta, our instructor, would like Peter to join. I hope, he’s going to consider it . . . .

For our Friday games afternoons we are usually three or four women. Yesterday our games afternoon was at Barbara’s place. We found out yesterday that Erika is not coming for the next six months or so. First she’s doing some oversees travelling. And then she and her husband want to spend some time in Queensland.

When I looked at the photos this morning, I suddenly remembered a lot again about our last trip. As I said, we went to Benalla in Victoria. On the way there and back we had an overnight stop at Gundagai. We had stopped there previously and liked it.

Our son moved from Melbourne to Benalla about two years ago. We have been visiting him there quite a few times already. The Sydney/Melbourne train does stop in Benalla. I like to go on the train. Train travelling I find far less exhaustintg than car travelling. Peter usually likes to go long distances by car. But this time he found the driving a bit too exhausting too, even though we had these stops in Gundagai! I think he’ll be glad too to go by train to Benalla next time. I have no driver’s license any more because of very bad eye sight. This is a pity. With two drivers a trip like this certainly is much better manageable.


Well now, this cheescake reminds of that excellent meal we had in Moss Vale on our way to Gundagai. This very well presented cake was our desert.

I decided now, I am going to publish some more pictures from our trip in another post.

So long, Uta


PS: Here is a link to another post of mine about Gundagai:


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