Our Morning Walk


4. What goals did you accomplish in 2019 that you’re proud of? How will your achievement continue to benefit you or others in the future?

I am elderly, this is why I walk with the help of a walking stick. In the morning, after a bit of stretching, I manage quite regularly to go out for a little walk. Peter, my husband, does the same. He can still walk twice as fast. So he walks ahead. He walksa bit further than I do. I usally walk to a section of some trees that I love. Near these trees I often wait for Peter and he meets me then on his return from his walk.  We talk for a few moments. Then he walks on along the footpath back home, while I walk back home along a grassy area. I love to walk along there in the early morning sun. For me this is quite an achievement that I can still do this. Mind you, I carry my walking stick. This gives me good support so that I am not in danger of having a fall in case of some unevenness in the grass.

This picture was taken when the grass was still quite green.

The last few months we had hardly any rain and everything dries out too much. All over Australia are lots and lots of bushfires and grassfires. We had a few heatwaves and great gusts of wind. But no fires close by and hardly any smoke. But Sydney is suffering from a lot of smoke right now from bushfires in the west of Sydney.

This picture I took quite recently. It shows how dry everything is!


I like to spend some time hugging these trees.


When I walk across the grass, I can beat Peter:walk along the footpath islonger. I then wait for Peter at the other end, and he is happy to see me and stops for a moment to talk to me.  Sometimes I meet some of my neighbours during my outing in the morning and they stop and talk to me for a while.

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