Bloody Fence!!

This is most upsetting! Did they tell me, they’d have to access our (my) property again? No, they did not! Why could they not talk to me about it? I don’t get it what they were thinking.

Well, what I am thinking is, that I am just too emotional. If Peter were here, he would say, it is no big deal, there is no need for me to upset myself so much.

Could they have arranged for access from the back? Of course they could have! I wonder when the rest of all the cooperate back fences is being done, whether then miraculously it is going to be possible to access council property to dispose of the old wooden fence and store all the material for the new fences!

The workers who just started their work here are very friendly and promised they would not leave any rubbish behind on our (my) property. I hope they’ll be able to stick to their promise!

The bloke who did put up our back fence some 17 months ago as an insurance job after storm damage to our back fence, did a job that was just rediculous. The workers, that are here today, laughed their heads off, when they looked at it. So why did it take 17 months to try rectify this shoddy work? Well, ask the Strata managers! That this extremely crooked part of the fence had so far not been fallen down in the wind, that is absolutely astounding!

9 thoughts on “Bloody Fence!!

  1. I’m so sorry for your frustration and the bother, Uta. I think you’re wise to acknowledge that Peter most likely would have been less affected by the inconvenience, but your loss is so very fresh! Everything must feel like “too much” right now. I think that’s to be expected, and in time, you’ll be less vulnerable, perhaps. In the meantime, be gracious to YOU. And I hope all the workers are considerate of your space.

  2. Oh Debra, it is so good to read your words. Thank you so much for caring! The workers are very good. I have compassion for them, because they have a very tough job. I am sure they do their best. I reckon, the people who have to work the hardest often do not get paid enough for their hard work.
    I still do not get over it, that the guy who did the worst job imaginable in 2019, did get an enormous amount of money for his work without finishing it. And we had been nice to him, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Peter could not understand it either. But Peter’s cancer had spread. He could not really get involved to have something done about it once the guy had left us with a very bad job done. Peter was very upset too over the many, many months when nothing was done to make the fence secure. Even our daughter Caroline, with all her good talking and writing on our behalf, could not achieve anything. Yes, I can only say, it was very frustrating for all of us. I really do not understand how it came to that. Why were we treated so badly and Peter being so very sick. . . I guess it all had to do with money and people taking advantage of the insurance system.
    Now if it was our fence, we could have done something sooner, paying for the renewal of the fence. But it is a Body-Cooparative fence and belongs to all the owners. When all the other 26 year old fences are going to be renewed, we, that is I, have to pay my share for the other fences too. We should not really have to worry about it now that it costs money. This is just the way it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sorry for all the hassle you are going through, Uta. But at least the workers are nice blokes and probably sympathetic to you even though for them it’s just a job to get done. But yes – someone should have contacted you about access, that is a matter of courtesy if nothing else. Sending you a big virtual hug. xx

  4. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. I’m sure it makes the alone feeling that much more intense. I like what Debra said. Maybe you’ll end up with a nice straight fence after all this is finished. Keep breathing.

    1. Actually, Linda, all of a sudden I did end up with a nice straight fence. I only had to wait for it for 17 months. I am happy now. Peter would have been happy now too!
      Breathing? Oh yes, this is what I have to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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