My November 2022 Diary


I like it, that I did get another very good response to that reblog as well as to
the original page about wanting to write some fiction.

So with two good responses from my dear blogger friends I should really
feel encouraged enough to start writing my novel, or shall I call it my novella?
For I thought to restrict it to maybe 200 pages.

Last week I developed some major tooth problems. Some of it is under control
now. But I’m afraid some more dental treatment is still required.

I already had quite a few challenges in my old age. This is another challenge now, that I could do without. But then I can also look at a lot of good things that have come my way recently and throughout my life!

Yes, I feel I’ve had a very rewarding life, and I like writing about it. That I cannot write much about persons in my life, who are alive, is a bummer, for I like to write about things that are autobiographical. But then, you’ll never know, I might get to like fictional writing even more!

3 thoughts on “My November 2022 Diary

  1. Keep writing…you can do both fiction and autobiographical if you want to…but, whatever you choose to write I think your family will treasure it for generations to come.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your continued tooth troubles. I hope they can be resolved soon. ❤️
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

  2. On the question of not writing about people who are alive, may I introduce my alter egos – my fictitious cousin Terry, Therese Trouserzoff and our old friend Emmjay – who is the father of Therese and Terry’s uncle.

    Emmjay’s pals are Hung One On – the infamous North Korean boxing champ and defector to the west. Hung One In’s wife is TuTu. Tutu One On for people who bet on short price favourites. Hung’s alter ego is the defrocked priest turned international man of mystery – Father O’Way. The good father is the sin-shifter in residence at the Church of St Generic Brand.

    If you’re short of fictitious characters, you can borrow some of mine. It’s been ages since I let them off the leash and I’m sure they’d appreciate a few days out and about .

    Fond regards

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