Marianne Kraft

Jack Brentano visits Marianne

Today is the 8th of November. So, Christmas 2022 is coming up soon. For Marianne it is going to be the fourth Christmas without Gunter!

Shortly before Christmas, three years ago, was Gunter’s funeral. Jack came to the funeral with his friend, a woman in her fifties. Jack was happy to have such a friend ten years after his wife had passed away. Jack had had several girl friends over the past ten years, but nothing lasting. Jack was hoping, that the affair with his new friend might become somewhat longer lasting. Jack was relieved that Rose, his friend, had agreed to accompany him to the funeral. Gunter had been Gunter’s longtime business partner. So he could not very well stay away from this Catholic funeral service. Or was it a funeral Mass? He wasn’t sure.

Yes, it turned out, that it was a Mass. And there were some refreshments after Mass. Jack and Rose paid their respects to Marianne and her whole family. This had been the last time, that Jack had seen Marianne in nearly three years! However, after his separation from Rose he had started to write emails to Marianne. So for the last year or so, he had become pretty close to Marianne. He had been thinking for a while, he might pay her a visit! Well, today was the big day. He bought some flowers and a bottle of wine, and went to see her!

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