Marianne’s Diary Nr. 5!

The Weekend 12/11/2022 to 13/11/2022

Since yesterday, Saturday, and today, Sunday, Marianne has done a lot of reading. She is reading another novel in large print about relationships! It is written in a style, that very much appeals to her. It might help her in finding the right style for her own writing, she thinks.

Her thoughts go to the sort of novel, that she does want to write. She already made up her mind, what fictional characters, should make an appearance in her novel. Maybe somebody like Jack could be one of the characters. He may just have turned 70, and she could call him John and place him in England. So, the story is, that for some time now John has built up an intimate relationship online with an elderly woman from Scottland. But he is actually refusing to ever meet her in person. However, it turns out, he travels to Scottland quite often to date younger women!

When after a year of communicating online with that elderly woman, it turns out, that he has absolutely no interest in dating her, she decides to break-up with him.

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