Mariane’s Diary Nr. 6

Yesterday, Monday, the 14th of November. Marianne had a few thoughts about intimate relationships between men and women of any age. She was thinking back to the postwar years in Germany when she was just a little girl. There were a lot of war widows at the time. Even as a little girl, she noticed, that for a man who was travelling around a lot because of his job. quite often it was very normal to have a loving widow in every town he visited. And every of these widows would welcome this travelling man with open arms, all too happy giving and receiving lots of sexual pleasures! What could be wrong with that? Really, nothing at all. Wasn’t everyone, who felt like this, entitled to giving and receiving some sexual pleasures? Everybody was just out to enjoy themselves for a little bit. Nobody got hurt. It was a very normal thing to happen at the time. And these women, often war widows, did not mind at all, if their man had other sweethearts in different towns, All these relationships would be sort of in the open, that is everybody was honest about it. No secrets!

Marianne, reflecting on it now, came to the conclusion, that surely if a very considerate and caring travelling man had a sexual relationship with several women within one week or one month, of course this was totally acceptable!

However, it seemed to Marianne, probably none of these women would have accepted a second lover for as long as there was still some involvement with the first lover!

This is just the way it is, thought Marianne. Men and women are very different in this respect. Hardly any women would want to have two lovers at the same time. Whereas a lot of men would just want to be free to be sexually involved with several women at the same time, if there was some opportunity fot this, meaning some women were just agreeable to this!! Since their experience might be, that most women just want their partner to be sexually exclusive, that is to have no other sex partner, these men, that end up getting involved with another woman or several othere women, want to keep it secret! And when the secret is discovered. it is said, the man has been cheating.

On the other hand, Marianne is sure, that once a man falls truly in love with someone. he would not want to involve himself all the way with another partner!

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