Our Brunch on a Sunday in August 2018

I love to reblog this post once more!






I copy here what I wrote in last year’s blog including the comments to that post:

Sunday, 12th of August 2018

The soft boiled eggs that Peter cooked for breakfast were perfect. I ate my warmed up crispy bread-roll with the egg, I also had some fresh strawberries with strawberry jam on one half of the bread-roll. And I took all my vitamins. We both also had a great cup of coffee for our breakfast.

At nine o’clock we started watching the Insiders’ program on ABC TV. The politics that were discussed upset me a great deal. I mean I should be used to this sort of political talk  by now where everything gets blamed on labor. But somehow it got to me today more than usual. I just could not keep my…

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3 thoughts on “Our Brunch on a Sunday in August 2018

  1. Nearly three weeks ago, I put “Marianne’s Diary” on hold. Just now, I reread the whole story. It seems to me, the woman in my story was a bit dilusional! After all, she’s already 81. Why on earth would she want to have a “lover” at her age? A man three years younger than her, does not seem to be the right choice. This 78 year old man, who is used to living on his own, may probably not want to commit himself to a new relationsip. He would think, he is better off staying single, or having any number of partly intimate encounters without any long term commitment. And there are probably enough suitable women around, that would not want a serious commitment either!
    So, what would Marianne end up doing#? Maybe she would become a very loving and sociable nun! As a nun-like, single, very elderly woman she could live out her life remaining free from any commitment to anyone except for being committed to lead a life that God wants her to lead. Now, how about this?

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