Dust Storm


Dust storm hits Sydney, NSW Government issues air quality warning

Friday, 23rd of November 2018

During the last few days we in the Illawarra have been hit somewhat too by this dust storm . However, today there does not seem to be any more dust in the air, even though we have extremely windy conditions. The elderly and people with breathing problems have been warned to stay indoors, avoid exercising and drink a lot of fluids.

Peter went out this morning for a little while. He says the air felt like freezing even though the thermometer showed a temperature of 15C.  The forecast is that the wind should ease after midday.


Read a leading EMF scientist’s warnings about 5G PLUS watch a recent interview by Editor Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University.


Read a leading EMF scientist’s warnings about 5G PLUS watch a recent interview

Website editor’s note: Professor Martin Pall is one of the word’s leading EMF scientists. He is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University. You may download a document on 5G that he authored by clicking on.

Julian Burnside: The failings of super-minister Dutton

Julian Burnside is a barrister who specialises in commercial litigation and human rights.

The failings of super-minister Dutton:

This article by Julian Burnside was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Apr 28, 2018 as “A silk terse at a sow’s ear”. 

Here are a few extracts from that article:

“. . .  When Dutton took over the immigration portfolio from Scott Morrison in December 2014, he adopted Morrison’s misleading characterisation of boat people as “illegal”. Morrison had decreed that the people referred to in the Migration Act as “Unauthorised Maritime Arrivals” should in future be called “Illegal Maritime Arrivals”. Dutton has picked up the idea, even though it is a lie.

Dutton shamelessly uses the “illegal” tag.

At the very least, this shows ignorance of some basic facts; at worst, it shows dishonesty. Boat people do not commit any offence by arriving in Australia without a visa, without an invitation, seeking to be protected from persecution. On the contrary, they are exercising a right acknowledged in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 14 of the Universal Declaration starts this way: “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.”

Australia made a significant contribution to the creation of the Universal Declaration, and it was Doc Evatt, an Australian, who presided over the General Assembly of the United Nations when it was adopted on December 10, 1948. More than half a century later, on July 27, 2017, Dutton wrote an opinion piece about Operation Sovereign Borders, which included these words:

“It’s now been three years since a people-smuggler’s boat loaded with Illegal Maritime Arrivals (IMAs) reached Australia …

“Had the Coalition not mounted OSB – the boats and illegal arrivals would still be coming.”

“. . . .  Dutton told the public these refugees had received “an enormous amount of support” from Australian taxpayers for a long time, saying: “there is a very different scenario up on Nauru and Manus than people want you to believe”. Taxes cover the absurd cost of maintaining offshore processing arrangements. It costs about $570,000 per refugee per year to keep the men and women on Manus or Nauru. So in that sense, refugees receive support from taxpayers. . . . ”

“On April 7, 2018, Dutton called for “like-minded” countries to come together and review the relevance of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

So, here it is: Australia’s most powerful minister is wilfully mistreating innocent people at vast public expense. He is waging a propaganda war against refugees and against the people who try to help them. And he is trying to persuade other countries to back away from international human rights protection.

He tries to make it seem tolerable by hiding it all away in other countries, so that we can’t see the facts for ourselves.

Dutton has often expressed concern about people drowning in their attempt to get to Australia. But his concern about people drowning is a lie. If he were genuinely concerned about people drowning, he might treat survivors decently. Instead, if they don’t drown, he punishes them: he puts them in offshore detention for years. He does this in order to deter others from trying to seek safety in Australia.

Perhaps the most worrying thing about Dutton is not his dishonesty, but his propaganda war, which already has led the Australian people to accept things that would have been unthinkable even 10 or 20 years ago. He has blinded us to the fact that we are now deliberately harming innocent men, women and children, in ways that are completely inconsistent with our view of ourselves. After all, aren’t we the nation that believes in a fair go for everyone?

By small degrees Dutton is inducing Australians to tolerate the intolerable. His campaign to make cruelty acceptable has the potential to lead Australia to very dark places. Invested in him is great power to do so, more power than any minister has had before.”

Very high levels of radioactive cesium along the planned torch relay route for the Tokyo Olympics?

“With the upcoming XXXII Olympiad in 2020 hosted by Japan, it is necessary to look into the radioactivity of Olympic venues as well as tourist attractions in the host cities. Previous studies pose a major gap because they focused on regions that are closer to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, where the highest concentration of radioactive fallout is located. On the other hand, the radioactivity in other locations in Japan is relatively less studied. Since thousands of athletes and millions of visitors are travelling to Japan for the Olympics, there has been widespread concern from the international community about radiation exposure. Therefore, it is important to investigate the extent of radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Dai-ichi incident.”

I copied the above from this blog:

Very high levels of radioactive cesium along the planned torch relay route for the Tokyo Olympics

I wonder why on earth these places that might very well still be radioactive cannot be avoided for the torch route?

Here is another sample from this very interesting blog:

“With the Upcoming XXXII Olympiad in 2020 hosted by Japan, it is necessary to look into the radioactivity of Olympic venues as well as tourist attractions in the host cities”

I think it is well worth having a look at this site:



Big sugar and the ‘big flaw’ in Australia’s federal health programs Four Corners By Michael Brissenden Updated Mon at 7:19pm


The following is from the updated Four Corners program:

“Australia is now one of the fattest nations on Earth.

Sixty per cent of us are overweight or obese, and by 2025 that figure will rise to 80 per cent.

Despite this, Australia still has no national obesity strategy.

What we do have are two key federal programs — the Healthy Food Partnership to encourage healthy eating, and the Health Star rating, a front-of-pack labelling system.

But the rules for these two initiatives have been set by committees made up of government and public health advocates, as well as food industry representatives.

According to one insider who spoke to Four Corners, “the reality is that industry is … making most of the policy”, and public health advocates are only included “so we can have the least-worst solution”.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Nestle and Kelloggs have a seat at the table setting the policies that shape consumption of their own sugar-laced products.

As Australia’s obesity and diabetes rates continue to soar, public health advocates have told Four Corners the industry has been obstructing and delaying policy outcomes that would lead to better health.

And they have likened their tactics to those deployed by the tobacco industry . . . . ”

To read on please go to:


And here is a warning sign about not feeding kangaroos in a wild life sanctuary. People should really be taking notice of this:


Here in this article it says how bad it is for kangaroos to feed them processed food:


And even feeding them carrots in huge amounts can lead to addiction and very bad behaviour by kangaroos where they become very aggressive.



Australian politics Opinion: The foreign donation bill is a smokescreen to attack civil society – Lee Rhiannon in The Guardian

The government claims they’re finally listening to Australians and addressing political donation reform. But they’re not

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon. ‘Instead of tackling the issue of big money, the Turnbull government ignores the evidence, ignores the public outcry for change’

Australian democracy has been under threat for some time. There is a group of political operators who are able to walk the halls of parliament, arrange meetings with decision-makers at the drop of a hat, funnel big money into political parties, and influence regulations, policies and legislation. Nobody reading this will be surprised when I say that this group of powerful political operators comprises corporations and industry lobby groups.

However, unless you’ve been following the Turnbull government’s electoral funding and disclosure reform bill, you might be surprised to learn that apparently there is a bigger threat to democracy, a more powerful group of political operators in Australia – charities and community groups. That is the laughable idea the Turnbull government would have you believe.

After years of donations scandals including the jailing of disgraced MPs; after witnessing the revolving door between powerful industries and MP and political staffer positions; and after over $1bn in political donations have been made – the government claims they’re finally listening to the people of Australia and addressing political donation reform.

Only, they’re not.

The Turnbull government is using the overwhelming public appetite for politics to be cleaned up as a smokescreen for pushing through legislation that will curtail the activities and voice of charities and community groups.

Tim Costello, the Human Rights Law Centre, the Hands Off Our Charities Coalitionand many others have highlighted the disastrous consequences this legislation will have on our civil society if allowed to pass.

There is a glaring discrepancy in this bill. Not only does it act as a smokescreen for the government to attack civil society, it completely fails to address the actual, documented threat to our democratic system – big money.

Please go on reading this article in The Guardian here: