Picnic at Bronte Beach

What a lovely day: 28 Celsius, no wind, mostly sunshine. It was picnic-day at Bronte Beach in Sydney.

For this perfect picnic-day we have to thank N since she was the one who suggested it. N is in Sydney on another visit from Berlin. She stays here with friends. Recently  she contacted us and asked:  Would we like to meet her? She also contacted C and M. This is how Peter and I came to have this picnic yesterday with N, C and M.

We had plenty of food and drink set out on a roof covered picnic table right at the beach. A swimming pool was nearby and all of us went for a swim in it.. Later in the day C and M invited us to their place for coffee and  home-baked scones with plenty of fresh cream and strawberry jam.Yummy!

It took us 90 minutes to drive back home to Dapto. We happily arrived home at 6 c’clock in the evening.

9 thoughts on “Picnic at Bronte Beach

    1. We were so lucky, Peter and I, that we could enjoy this lovely outing with the younger people. We can’t convince them, that we are already rather old. ‘Nonsense, you’re not old yet,’ they say.

  1. We had a good time. It was a typical summer’s day in Australia, a day at the beach. I was wondering how many generations of children we have seen enjoying themselves on the beach and in the surf.

    I hope there will be more days like this in the future.

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