What do I anticipate?


Here’s our Buddha. He seems to be happy enough in this wilderness area near our house. Being the 5th Sunday of Lent today, I should have attended Mass. However so far I didn’t go out at all yet. This afternoon we’re off to neighbouring Warrawong to watch Steven Spielberg’s Movie about LINCOLN.

So far so good. I am very happy that I am very much pain-free today. Tomorrow I’ll have to see the doctor about the test results. I anticipate the blood-test is going to show that I am okay.

What else do I anticipate? Well, I anticipate that I’ll probably live for another five or ten years. I also anticipate that I might perhaps even be able to venture on another overseas trip when I am in my eighties!

For next month I anticipate that we’re going to see the family over Easter and that Peter and I are going to enjoy our planned trip to Victoria. The beautiful warm summer weather will be gone by then. However I am looking forward to see a bit of the country side and then be spending a few days with family in Melbourne.

20 thoughts on “What do I anticipate?

  1. Glad to hear you are out and about. Feel badly about the pain though. I hope you’ll enjoy “Lincoln.” My hubby and I found it quite powerful. Stay well!

    1. Well, we all have to suffer a bit of pain from time to time. I’m glad I feel better now. I am sure “Lincoln” will be worth watching. Thanks for commenting, Mary-Ann.

      1. We’re back from seeing “Lincoln”. This was a movie with heart and soul and a great history lesson. What Lincoln had to say was very significant, even for modern times. I’d like to hear it all over again.

  2. I hope you anticipate that I’m with you all the way. It is important that old people are not lonely. In today’s societies the elderly are often left to their own devices.

    I’m looking forward to our trip to Mildura and Melbourne. We will see our son and Granddaughter. I did do the same trip more than fifty years ago. What do I anticipate? Change !

    1. A trip to Mildura after a fifty year absence, Peter? For sure a lot of things will have changed. But maybe some things haven’t changed.?.

      And don’t forget we are also going to see our son’s extended family in Melbourne. I am so looking forward to seeing our great-granddaughters again. We didn’t see them for one whole year!. And it’s even been longer since we’ve seen the granddaughter who’s coming for a visit to Melbourne at the same time that we’re going to be there. Judging by the pictures she puts always on your face-book, she’s already very grown up and beautiful! When we were in Melbourne more than a year ago we were able to see both our granddaughters there, the daughters of our son. They’re both so very beautiful! And our grandson, the son of our son, he has such a beautiful family. We love them!

      Our son we haven’t seen for eight months. He came to stay with us for a week when Gaby died. Took the week off work, hired a big enough car to cart the whole family around on frequent trips to Sydney while the memorial for Gaby had to be organized. It will be good to see our son again, who’s birthday is on the 8th of April.

  3. Nice positive post, Uta – a long and healthy life to you both. I’ve been missing my family back in switzerland – but that’s only a 2-hour flight away! So you have put things into perspective for me, distance is all relative! Thank you.

  4. I certainly hope you’re in excellent health, Uta. Your list of anticipations is wonderful. You have an excellent outlook on life and that should keep you around for a very long time yet! 🙂

  5. I’m glad you are pain free. I do believe the test results will be okay as well. I hope and pray for your good health my friend and that of your family. Happiness lives in your heart always.

    1. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes, dear IT.
      I am very lucky that I have a good dentist and good doctors to look after my health. I feel I have a very good life and am very grateful for this.

  6. Travel while you can Auntyuta, there is still much to see in our beautiful country, hope you get a chance to see our beautiful Murray river up here in Mildura, the weather is quite mild these days now, Autumn will be on us soon.

    1. Oh yes, Aussieian, I anticipate Peter and I are going to have a wonderful day at your beautiful Murray river. Really looking forward to this! Yesterday we travelled to the western suburbs of Sydney. It felt like a hot summer day!

  7. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:

    This post I published more than six years ago. I anticipated to live probably for another five to ten years. Ah well, I just celebrated my 85th birthday. Now I anticipate that maybe I am going to live four another four or five years! 🙂

  8. Travel while you can Uta, it keeps the heart young, maybe a visit to the beautiful mountain country of Healesville and Marysville will lure you, not far from Melbourne, up in the hills, pristine mountain waters rippling over mountain streams, crisp air invigorating for the lungs and superb rural countryside vista, wherever you go, enjoy.

  9. It is 2022 now. In less than three months I am going to be 88.
    Am I going to make it to 90? – And maybe a bit past ninety?
    Who knows! It is possible that old age won’t let me live much longer.
    It might be better for me to die pretty soon before I become too incapacitated. . . .

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