Wednesday in Sydney

In the 'Big Smoke' which is Sydney
In the ‘Big Smoke’ which is Sydney

For the past six weeks we’ve been travelling to Sydney every Wednesday for my appointments to get my new dentures constructed. As you can guess,  to get me proper dentures made is not exactly easy. I seem to have a very difficult mouth! Anyhow, I am hopeful now that all the effort is not in vain and in due time my mouth is going to be all right. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So last Wednesday was the day when we met Matthew and Caroline for lunch. Before we met up with them  I had seen my dental technician. After our delicious ice-cream treat we took a bus for a few stops and then we had to walk a bit to reach China-Town. This was where we were about to have our lunch. On the way to China-Town and around China-Town Peter took the following pictures.












Near Market City Peter and I were waiting to catch a tram to go to Central Station.
Near Market City Peter and I were waiting to catch a tram to go to Central Station.




From Central Station we caught our train back home to Dapto while Caroline and Matthew were going back to their place in the Eastern suburbs. We were very happy that we had been able to see them on that Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday in Sydney

  1. i think it looks like you have had some very nice trips into Sydney, but I’m terribly sorry it’s because you’re having a rough time getting the dentures fitted! There is nothing more frustrating to me than the time it takes to complete dental work!

    1. You are right, Debra, getting dentures fitted can be pretty rough and it takes time. However I should be grateful for all the effort that is going into it. I am so much looking forward to when the work is going to be completed!

  2. A girl at work told me she used to work in Sydney & because she didn’t want to use public transport she parked her car for $200 a day in the city. $200 a DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow. Nice to visit though, I see! 🙂

    1. Definitely, Noeleen. There are in Sydney some nice places you can visit. Melbourne isn’t so bad either. We always love to explore a little bit more of Melbourne. 🙂
      $200 a day for parking? I bet she couldn’t have done this for very long!

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